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25 Coconut Success Healing Stories

Below are 25 personal stories of both coconut oil and coconut water
have helped in personal and physical healing.

Please contact us it you have a story of your own.

#1 Coconut Healing Story

If you have had success using coconut oil or coconut products we would like to hear from you. Please send us your story by e-mail. Please feel free to share recipes, insights, and experiences, so that others may benefit from what you’ve learned.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed to have a high bad (LDL) cholesterol level. I did everything to lower my cholesterol level. In fact, I exercised at least three hours a week and successfully reduced my weight by 12 pounds. I was also avoiding fatty/oily foods. After three months, I went to our company clinic to have my blood chemistry result. To my surprise, my bad (LDL) cholesterol was not lowered, in fact, it increased by 15%. My doctor advised me to take simvastatin to lower my cholesterol. I took the drug daily for one month and as a result it lowered my LDL cholesterol by only 15% but I feel it had bad side effects on me. Since then, I just avoid oily foods and exercise to stay healthy. I also take vitamin E, fish oil, and other anti-bad cholesterol vitamins. After three months, my LDL is still the same level as before.

My officemate told me to try virgin coconut oil (VCO). I thought that I have nothing to lose on taking VCO, so I tried it for 3 months. I consumed almost 1.3 liters during that period without avoiding oily foods like lechon (roasted pig), egg yolks, leche flan, cakes, ice cream, and even junk foods. I was surprised when I read the blood chemistry result which indicated that my LDL (bad) cholesterol went down and my HDL (good) cholesterol went up. Since then, I recommend to all my friends and officemates the beauty and health benefits from VCO. In fact, I encouraged them to buy VCO.

Erlinda Macaraya


I used to be an annual sufferer of flu, at least once a year during the start of rainy season in the Philippines (month of June), and normally causing a personal downtime of 3 to 5 days of rest each time. My suffering from flu ended in September 2004 when I first used virgin coconut oil. This was how it happened.

I woke up at that time feeling weak, but since I had a commitment to visit a client I decided just to bear with it. When I came home in the evening from the factory, I was already very sick – feverish, joints pain, back pain, and very tired – the usual symptoms of flu that I have been very familiar. Since I’ve heard about the anti-viral effects of VCO, and knowing that flu is viral, I decided to try it and bought a bottle from a nearby drugstore. I struggled to drink 4 tablespoons. Since I had 39.5 C fever already, and without any information that VCO is antipyretic, I took 500 mg of paracetamol, together with 2 glasses of water. Then I went to bed at 9 PM. I was not able to sleep immediately, I felt my body was energized, and the feeling of fatigue did not worsen. Eventually I slept, but woke up at 3 AM extremely surprised that my flu was completely gone. Being so familiar with the flu, I could hardly believe that it could actually disappear that fast. I felt so well that I decided to proceed with my early morning flight at 5 AM that day to the southern city of the Philippines, Davao City.

Since that time I take 1 tablespoon of VCO every day, and increase it up to 4 tablespoons whenever I feel tired or weak. I haven’t had the flu again for over 2 years!

Tony Geniston

Quezon City, Philippines


I am not scratching for the first time in a month. What a relief. I first noticed it as persistent itchiness at the top of my thigh. After a week or so, a small rash appeared. It quickly spread across my hip. Then the rash appeared on my other hip. Before long, I was itchy on the back of my knees, the inside of my elbows, and the back of my hands, as well as across both hips. I went to a conventional doctor who couldn’t diagnose the source but prescribed antihistamines and a prednisone “burst.” After a week on prednisone, the rash was as itchy as ever, and my skin was even more red and swollen. I tried every topical remedy I could think of with little relief. I saw a naturopathic doctor who was also unable to diagnose my problem but suggested treating it through a process of elimination, trying an antifungal first, and going to an antibacterial if the antifungal didn’t work. After several days on the antifungal with no relief – in fact, the rash was now spreading to my back, my belly, and my forearms — it flashed through the back of my mind that I had once read that coconut oil had anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-virus properties. Feeling fairly desperate – and with nothing to lose — I pulled my bottle of virgin coconut oil out of the kitchen cupboard and applied it topically to all my itchy places. The results were miraculous. Almost instantly, the itching stopped. Within hours, my skin began to smooth, and the redness faded. This absence of itching is such a wonderful feeling that I’m truly grateful. I am now a coconut oil convert.

Elizabeth Johnson


I began using Virgin Coconut Oil manufactured by Namio Nanpei of Pohnpei and his Filipino doctor three weeks ago. I am 64 years old, diabetic, and intermittently have high blood. After three weeks of use, I notice these changes: My flaky, achy, dry skin is gone! My stinky scalp psoriasis is also gone! My 4-inch diameter patch of itchy, scaly skin on my back is gone! My wrinkled, square-shaped fingers are now rounded and smooth looking as well as to the touch. My dry toe nails which were cracking, breaking off, and dying are now regenerating! I have a whole new skin that looks healthy and alive!


#5 Coconut Healing Story

I burned my forearm on the oven rack. It was a very bad burn and after the heat went out of the burn I put coconut oil on everyday, so far this is the third day. I had anticipated that the burn would blister and seep, but so far the burn is healing with no blistering and doesn’t even hurt. The coconut oil is like a miracle. I never had a burn heal so fast and my skin is almost back to the normal color.

No Name


I began using coconut oil 11 days ago. I went to the doctor’s office the Friday before and my blood pressure was 169/94, now my blood pressure is 112/68. Here are a few other changes I have noticed, hair (stopped breaking), skin (not dry and flakey). I take 1 tablespoon in hot tea every morning and another 1 tablespoon at lunch on my salad, and add 1-2 tablespoons in my dinner meal. Did I tell you how much energy I have now? Coconut oil: YOU ARE THE ONE!



I am a health professional and therefore not surprisingly, I was abashed when I would see books about coconut oil. Until my own health problems began. My thyroid levels were swinging around, but not really high enough to be treated by most allopathic doctors. I felt awful. My hair was falling out, my skin was so dry it itched and cracked, my cholesterol was up and so was my weight, ever so slowly with every passing month. In addition, my coworkers were amazed at how can I function when I am constantly sick and on antibiotics. I was a mess at a fairly young age.

I did some of my own research and kept coming up with coconut oil. Then I found this website (Coconut Research Center) and became more convinced as I accessed the journals presented. I felt like what was I to lose? Here is what happened after taking coconut oil for several months:

1) Weight has stopped increasing, it is starting to drop because I no longer crave sweets or simple carbs and have a massive surge of energy which allows me to be more active.

2) Cholesterol dropped, HDL [the good cholesterol] went WAY up (from 30’s to almost 60).

3) My skin is beautiful! I was having rosacea, now it is smooth and clear. My legs feel as if I am a teenager they are so smooth. I even put coconut oil around my eyes as a moisturizer. I love feeling my legs, it is almost as if I have made a discovery. I cannot believe at my age my skin can be so soft and supple. It’s almost like having a flashback to my teenage years!

4) I am not bloated anymore; my stomach not distended and my feet not hurting from not fitting in my shoes at the end of the day.

5) I feel so much more energetic, as if I was 10 years younger.

6) My hair is beautiful and silky and not falling out.

7) I am hardly ever sick anymore. When I or my kids are coming down with something, we up the coconut oil. We are better within a day.

8) My daughter was born with such extreme eczema, she was constantly itching, even had patches of scabs on her body and scalp. I have spent hundreds of dollars on expensive prescription steroid creams, which after a few years, stopped working. The doctor laughed at me when I mentioned coconut oil. The proof is in the fact that my daughter’s skin is beautiful and flawless now, no itchy bumps, just beautiful baby skin. Even though she doesn’t like the taste of coconut oil in her food she will eat it when I remind her of her skin problems. (She also is a very healthy weight.)

9) No more monthly yeast infections.

10) Wounds heal very quickly when coconut oil is applied. It’s almost like magic.

11) My TSH levels are way down into the normal range (not even subclinical hypothyroid anymore). WOW! The first time in over 6 years!

It took quite a long time before I noticed these changes (several months). At first I gained weight and was very depressed by it all. I stuck with it. The health changes have been remarkable. Simply remarkable. Coconut oil has changed my life. The only sad part is, when I mention this to my colleagues or friends. I still get glazed-over looks of disinterest and disbelief, or outright gasps of horror with a refusal to listen to anymore of it.

(Name withheld on request)


My name is Jen and I am 25 years old. I just started using virgin coconut oil 3 weeks ago. I have very sensitive skin, skin redness, pimples in my back and chest and big pores.

Since I was 16 years old I always bought different kinds of expensive cosmetics, creams and facial mask to avoid and to get rid of my pimples. These products caused me only more blemishes and my face turned dry. I noticed if my skin gets dried from different kinds of cosmetics and creams and facial mask I only get more blemishes. I had back pain last month since I am working in the office 9 hours a day. My cousin massaged my back with the virgin coconut oil and the next day I noticed that my pimples on my back went dry and it feels so smooth. So I started applying it on my face daily and all over the body. And now I have a very smooth face and it has its moisture again. My skin redness, pimples, big pores are all gone. It really helps a lot and I can really recommend the virgin coconut oil.




I was walking and golfing as my exercise program, on weekends 18 holes and almost everyday after work 9 holes at least. My heels started to ache constantly, I had to leave the golf course frequently, and could barely walk from my truck to my house when I got home. I heard about virgin coconut oil (VCO), starting reading about its ability to reduce inflammation, and thought I’m desperate enough to do it, as I was about ready to give up golf.

So I started taking VCO three times a day. The heels of my feet felt better right away, but only by about half. I was happy with that. I never stopped golfing. But my feet continued to get a little better every day, and after a month and a half, I was completely healed. I knew this when I walked 18 holes 5 days in a row. Later at night my feet felt normal with no pain, nor was there any pain the next morning.

As a side bonus, the calluses on the fingers of my left hand were thick and flakey from playing the guitar. I was having to file them down to be able to play, and my finger tips were tender. That all went away. I still have calluses, but they are pliable now, I don’t have to file them, and my finger tips are not tender any more. I can play pretty much as long as I want to now.

I haven’t lost any weight yet, but at least I’ll be able to keep up my golf exercise program. Maybe over time, I will lose weight, but I am sure healthier now.

Rodney Latimer

Athens, Georgia

#10 Top Coconut Healing Stories

There has been a nasty stomach virus going around the New York City area. I was hit with it on a Sunday mid-afternoon. I had two bowel “episodes” which made me know I had the virus, just like my brother and our mother and father. Later that day I took about two tablespoons of liquid virgin coconut oil and I also took some cider vinegar with water. For dinner, I had a sweet potato drenched in coconut oil.

I never had another episode. My friends and family had been telling me about how long the virus stayed with them – some for seven days or more. Mine only lasted for an afternoon. That evening I was back to normal.

I’m glad I’ve been finding out about all the incredible things coconut and coconut oil can do for you.

Vince Scuderi


I got shingles last week on Thursday. My sister in-law gave me some virgin coconut oil and by Saturday the pain was gone. It is now Thursday [the following week] and the rash is almost gone with no pain. Sure beats getting steroids!! I am impressed and will be using this product daily!

Avis Valle


After having 25+ years of severe acid reflux — using the strongest medication barely helped. After one day of using virgin coconut oil I noticed an improvement. By the end of the week it was completely gone and has stopped years of suffering. I’ve noticed more energy and the loss of junk food cravings. My skin has improved and can go out in the sun again — not a mole hiding in the shade or behind sunscreen. Your book is right — this is nothing short of a “miracle” — praise the Lord.

Sylvia Franklin Houston, Texas


I found myself leafing through Bruce Fife’s book just before Christmas, and was so fascinated that I walked out having bought the book and a jar of organic unrefined coconut oil. Immediately I started using it on my skin and added a small amount to my diet. On New Year’s Eve I felt the onslaught of the flu….scratchy throat and fatigue….so I added more coconut oil to a soup I was making (to which I also added fresh ginger and reishi mushroom and garlic). Overnight the symptoms progressed to my lungs…a deep cough signifying bronchitis. I had more coconut oil, probably 3 or 4 tablespoons.

Usually when my body is successfully fighting an illness like this, the symptoms gradually subside over a couple of days at best. But in this case, by nightfall of New Years day, ALL my symptoms were absolutely GONE! Wow. I could only imagine those free fatty acids busting up all the influenza viruses one by one as the reason. I have never experienced such a quick and complete turnaround.

Melissa Janae Emberson

Weston, Connecticut


I am very pleased with the great benefits of coconut oil. My horse had these ugly warts on her nose that would not go away. I decided to put some coconut oil on them and everyone thought that I was going nutty. Within 6 days they had all cleared up and I am so happy about it. She loves the smell and the taste of the oil too.


Melbourne, Australia

#15 Stories From Healing With Coconut Oil

My name is Annette and I just starting using Virgin Coconut oil just about 3 weeks ago. I had been suffering with arthritis and back problems. I use to have a problem just getting up out of my seat and since I have been using coconut oil I just get right up with not problems. I thought I had to get a new mattress because my back was hurting so bad but now I have not problems. ( I am still going to get a new mattress anyway). I just want to say that I am sold on this coconut oil and have recommended it to family and friends and they have and they are telling me great results from it.

Annette Riddick – Atlanta Georgia


I thought you might like to hear of my experiences with coconut oil. My name is Jo Wilkinson, I’m 39 and live in the UK.

In 1987 I was diagnosed with what was then called Post Viral Syndrome, now ME/CFS/CFIDS. I’d had a serious bout of flu in 1986 from which I did not recover properly, although my health had been slowly deteriorating since mid 1985. I had a severe relapse in 1993 following a flu vaccination. From this point I was often house and/or bed bound. My husband (my rock) and I have been everywhere and tried everything.

To cut a long story short, it was suggested by a doctor in London that I should see an endocrinologist in Brussels – at that point I was on hydrocortisone, (BP down to 80/30 which precipitated the prescription.)
The endo always spent a lot of time lecturing us on diet. Lecturing is not to strong a word, he was very insistent that I should use coconut oil for cooking and not olive oil. Your book (The Coconut Oil Miracle) was shown to us along with a tub of oil. He was against the prevailing low fat dogma, saying that fat is required by the body for making hormones.

The second strand of his diet theory was that I should eat a paleolithic type diet : no grains, sugar, dairy. Not too much fruit, loads of veg and salad, plus meat, fish nuts and seeds. My complaint was that I like yoghurt, so I was allowed two a week as a concession. This diet is very healthy especially when combined with the coconut oil and over time I recovered to a point where I decided to get off the meds. Since September 2004 I have been off all meds and my health since then has improved dramatically.

Apart from my recovered hormonal system (BP now normal and stable) my energy is better, I sleep less but more refreshingly, I don’t get night sweats almost nightly – I don’t get them at all. I used to get a lot of leg pain, a sort of lactic acid feeling and that has dissipated in the past three-four months since I started using Primal Defense.
I think that my immune system is getting back to normal as I had flu two months ago, was acutely ill and then recovered normally instead of languishing with fluey symptoms for months as previously. I have a few minor problems left, but I am hopeful that another six months should see me right.

My husband is also very healthy on this diet. He has lost 35 pounds (I lost 7 pounds after dropping the steroids, back to a normal weight of 125 pounds). Eighteen months ago just after turning forty he took up squash again. As one of his friends commented, most people give up squash at 40, not take it up again!

I am very grateful to you for writing your book. I can safely say that it has changed our lives. We are members of The Weston A Price Foundation, and I have re educated myself on nutrition. Coconut oil along with a careful diet has restored health for both of us, and we enjoy cooking together as a hobby.

Health and Happiness, Jo Wilkinson


I had some concerns of the effects of EVCO (I thought it may bring up my chol/trigs levels.) After a month of use–2tbs a day and after a lipid panel evaluation, no change in these values. They stayed the same as the blood work one year ago had indicated. The proof is in black and white (the lab results).

Ray Lemoine– Lafayette, La


I have very bad eczema on my hands and arms and have tried every prescription cream. The only thing that has worked in the past is a large injection of cortisone, which greatly lowers your immune function. I happen to buy some coconut oil for my daughter’s thick and curly hair, hoping it would moisturize it. By chance I put some on my eczema and it really helped. So I tried an experiment, I stopped using the non-steroidal cream and just put on the coconut oil. I was amazed that my eczema felt so much better and is starting to go away after only a week. For the first time all winter I don’t have any open skin cracks on my hands (very painful!) and my skin is healing.

Jen Chingwe


I just thought I would post about my experience this week with virgin coconut oil (VCO) and flu symptoms.

I was coming down with a sore throat and general aches and pains on Sunday/Monday and that “omg” feeling that I was going to be battling with feeling bad for a week or more. I was already treating myself with extra Vitamin C (which I have found very helpful through personal experience) and I take 4+tbs VCO a day anyway.

I just happened to be flicking through Bruce’s Coconut Oil Miracle book where he talks about curing flu symptoms with extra VCO. So on Tuesday, I added an extra 2 tbs to my diet that day (making a total of more than 6 tbs) and by that evening, I suddenly realized that I didn’t feel so bad any more! The next day (Wednesday) I also added in more VCO than usual and today I basically feel completely well (perhaps a bit tired).

There’s nothing like proving a theory for oneself, is there? 🙂


#20 Healing with Virgin Coconut Oil

In October 2004, I was introduced to virgin coconut oil (VCO) in one of the trade fairs that I went to in Manila. I bought a small bottle and started taking it internally. I noticed that my pain tolerance increased enabling a measure of comfort from my constant back pain. Later I used it for cooking pancakes and omelets and mixing with the chocolate drinks of my children so that they too can benefit from it. Lately, the changing temperatures are causing people here to be affected with upper respiratory tract infections. My daughter and I had thick and yellow mucus but our energy level was up. We didn’t experience fever or cough or any other cold symptoms although we felt like we should already be coming down with the flu, like many people during this season in the Philippines.

My right thumb has eczema that comes and goes depending on my immune system performance. My dermatologist prescribed a very expensive steroid cream to treat it when it’s active. Three weeks ago, the eczema was making my thumb “weep”, itchy, and red. Instead of putting on the steroid cream, I applied VCO and covered it with gauze. The following morning the redness was gone and the skin became dry. I continued to apply VCO 3x a day and after a few days the thick flaky dead skin was gone and my thumb is smooth again.

Another bonus is a smoother complexion as I use VCO as a “night cream.”
Since then I have replaced my cooking oil with VCO and my children are getting used to it. Thank God for VCO!

Lorna Protacio, Philippines


I didn’t have many expectations when I started using coconut oil a year ago. I was overweight, and resigned to it; diets just didn’t work with me. In fact, in spite of a basically healthy diet – I really prefer natural, whole foods, organic fruit and vegetables, and detest junk food – I was steadily gaining weight over the years and decades. I was also using what I considered the healthy fats – polyunsaturated oils.

After reading Bruce Fife’s books on coconut oil I switched oils completely. I diligently read labels to avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils – and was amazed at how pervasive they are. I used coconut oil for all my cooking, and even added it to my tea. I lost 20 pounds in a matter of weeks, and what’s more important, my weight has stayed at this level for the whole year. Even at times of more indulgence, such as holidays and Christmas, I did not gain. I take coconut oil with me wherever I go and can’t live without my daily dose! I’m convinced that it was the polyunsaturated oils that made me gain weight, and coconut oil that helped me lose it. Also, my energy is up; formerly I was prone to inactivity but now I can go all day. Another side effect – my dandruff has disappeared completely.

–Sharon Maas,


I am a type-II diabetic. I control my glucose levels thru diet & supplements alone with no allopathic meds. Because I take so many different things, it is hard for me to say what does the most good. But I drink a can of coconut milk every night as my final of 4 meals a day. By drinking coconut milk late at night, I believe it helps regulate my fasting blood sugar measurement. As a little fringe benefit, the night sweats & chills I have experienced for most of the past 40-50 years are almost completely gone.

–Alobar Graywalker


I was diagnosed at one time to have “shingles” (the old version of chicken pox) which made my hip’s skin feel like it literally was being ironed. My doctor said the only way to deal with it is to take some kind of horribly expensive antibiotic! Since it was still bearable, I did not buy the prescription. I put coconut oil on it instead, and what do you know. The thing went away in minutes!!!! My sister came to me with the same complaint coming from her doctor (same as mine). I told her to apply coconut oil, and it also worked for her.

Two relatives of mine, both avid golfers, have very itchy thick hives on their backs. They have been to good dermatologists and were given prescription creams that cost too much and yet their hives did not go away. They asked for my cream, and overnight the thick hard hives have softened, and after a few days the hives disappeared with no trace.

It has also been used by one of them for an infected big toe. The infection cleared in a matter of three days.

A lady OBGYN’s daughter is a regular customer. She applies it on her pimples and claims it disappears overnight.

Another friend of my sister, who has awful dry skin because of the medicines she takes for her heart, diabetes, allergies, etc. has used commercial moisturizers with no success. She used my cream and it helped her skin recover and she said it no longer itches.

I am a diabetic too and I use it for my body as a moisturizer. I use virgin coconut oil with lavender (liquid form not cream) for my day/night moisturizer and it does remove my wrinkles. However, if I skip using it on my face, the wrinkles come back. I once poured boiling candles on my finger. It got so red and had a blister. It hurt all day. When I was about to go to sleep, I put the cream thickly on top of it and put socks over my hand so that the cream stays on the blister while I am asleep. The next morning, it was not there anymore. No trace at all of the burn.

A cousin uses it on her grandchild for itchy insect bites and diaper rashes with great success. My sister-in-law had very bad black scars on her arms from a brush with a big nail. After applying the cream for a short while, the scar totally disappeared.

My mother-in-law had injections on her varicose veins. For two years those veins got so black. After a few applications, the vein has turned gray and now is clear of any color.

All this is from the coconut oil.

–Melly Almanzor-Banagale

#25 Good Virgin Coconut Oil Helps Me Sleep

Here in the Philippines we Catholics are celebrating 9 dawn masses every day (BEFORE CHRISTMAS DAY) at 4:30 in the morning and during these 9 consecutive days, I believed my immune system was running so well because of the coconut oil that I religiously consume everyday (3 Tbs/day).During these days, I felt warmer although the temperature was getting colder here in the Philippines. I did not catch any cold during these days unlike the previous years when I was not taking it yet.

But days, before the New Year, I experienced headache due to sinusitis. I thought the coconut oil that I’ve been taking is no longer effective (contents is almost empty and there is some slight change in the taste). I opened a new one ( same brand) and took it with additional 1tbs/day higher dosage. Right after taking the newly opened one, my sinusitis and headache were gone in 10 minutes.

Recently, for the past 2 weeks that I missed to take my coconut oil, I felt weaker especially every time I sleep late. I catch cold yesterday, and I am reminded to take my coconut oil religiously. I am sure the coconut oil boosted my immune system and I believe it heals me from my colds, sinusitis and protects my body from getting sick.

–Neil Emmanuel S. Mapas

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